Flexible Design: The Antique Wooded Accent Table

Concord_94039_94231_94220_94217_94132_3With a 7 x 3 foot wall mirror in the foyer, an antique-wooden accent table can be a perfect complement to accentuate a space, and reflect on the hidden beauty of the adjoining rooms. Antique accent tables are highly cost efficient, space saving, and give life to the home through tendering a myriad of ways to portray the culture of the home. Whether you want to display portraits, trophies, or votives, an antique-wooden accent table can foster the creative spirit inside of you, and bring to life any barren and mundane area around the home. What makes aged wooden tables so unique is the rustic and embracing feel that stems from sensing that you are someplace where you belong. It is a feeling of being home, and being surrounding by love and comfort.

Much like mom’s home cooking, an antique-wooden accent table can bring a sense of peace and serenity to any room. Most of all, there is a sense of history that exudes from vintage treasures like no other– bringing about thoughts of happier times of quietude and calmness. This is what antique-wooden accent tables say to your guest when they walk through your door.

A well-made antique-wooden accent table is a treasure to behold, a comforting blanket of inner sanctity, and in a sense, can be considered a living, breathing entity. Growing up in southern Georgia, it was quite typical to have one in your house, usually becoming a strong remembrance or an heirloom. Later on, other family members could come to inherit the table, leaving a lasting legacy for generations and generations to come. The interior design of your home is lacking an essential piece of southern warmth, if you don’t have an antique-wooden accent table on display.

Although it sits there quietly, and always calm; it speaks. Forever weaving stories of life, love, and loss, and always reeling you back in once more for another adventure. It is a piece of furniture for some, but memories new and old, dance to and fro like silhouettes in the mind. Our interior design choices are as much a part of the self as other outward physical characteristics. There is nothing in the world like a skillfully built antique-wooden accent table. It brings so much joy into your life, and it can be passed down from generation to generation when properly cared-for. The memories that a special table can hold is endless. Generations upon generations are able to see how life was led in the multitude of years gone by, all evidenced by an interesting little antique piece of furniture.